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Targeted Inc. Provides its data products to clients on an annual subscription basis

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Using the Targeted Database of Institutional Holders – Brokerage Companies

Institutional Traders
use TARGETED data to trade blocks of stock by knowing the current owners of securities and by identifying current buyers and sellers by net change positions from previous holdings positions. The use of TARGETED holdings data results in more blocks being traded and more commissions generated from these trades.

Institutional sales staff, in addition to using the data in the same manner as the traders, also need to identify the holdings of the portfolio manager accounts for which they provide coverage. They can also identify new portfolio manager accounts using TARGETED data, which can generate new sales commissions.

Research Analysts
use TARGETED when researching companies on whom they write reports and provide research coverage. Analysts need to know who the largest holders are for these companies and need similar information on peer companies. Research reports are sent to portfolio managers who own positions in the company being researched, both to brokerage firms' accounts and to attract new business from other fund managers.

Corporate Finance
personnel use TARGETED data to identify the largest holders of securities for corporate underwriting purposes. They generate very large fees for assisting companies to raise initial public offerings and secondary financing capital. The institutional holdings information is used in the corporate pitch books prepared by corporate finance departments to compete for the large fees paid by listed companies for raising capital.

Syndication Staff
use TARGETED data to identify the significant owners of listed companies and their peer companies in the selling of initial public offerings and secondary equity offerings.

Investment Banking
uses TARGETED holdings information to identify the largest holders of listed equities for mergers, acquisitions and other related activities.