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Targeted Inc. Provides its data products to clients on an annual subscription basis.

Subscriptions for two years or longer may be paid for in securities, save that HST must be paid in cash.

To subscribe please contact us: E-mail here, or 416-523-5150

Whether you are a CEO of a company, an investor relations professional or a broker, THE TARGETED AUTOMATED EMAIL NOTIFICATION SYSTEM CAN SAVE YOU AND YOUR STAFF TIME AND MONEY.

Access to the Targeted website, enables one to follow institutional buying and selling of any given security, as well as that of its peer companies. The most likely source of new capital for a company is an institutional investor who has a significant investment in a company that is similar to it. By analyzing historical ownership patterns, one can determine whether a proposed investor is a long term holder, or will sell at the first sign of a profit. All this can be identified before soliciting their participation in a financing.

Should an existing holder sell, Targeted data can show whether the sale is most likely profit taking, or a decision to divest a stock which should be countered aggressively. The Targeted email notification system can flag an increase or decrease in an institutional investors' position, and bring it to a subscriber's attention with a daily email. Thus subscribers can track the effectiveness of their meetings, and whether their strategic approach to raising capital is effective. As well, users can download any holdings data into Excel for their own analysis.

Targeted has been collecting and collating ownership data on Canadian public companies since 1996.

Data we collect includes, but is not limited to, Canadian & US institutional, mutual fund and other holdings,
10% and 5% holders, and those of officers, directors and insiders.
Targeted collects this data from regulatory filings as well as from hundreds of sources around the world.

This content, including full historical holdings data is available on a subscription basis.

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"The share ownership information compiled by Targeted facilitates efficient sales and trading coverage of the investing public, more effective share distribution enhancing share values and good corporate governance."

Investment Dealers Association of Canada.

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